Public Records and Scummy Solicitors

I’m a new homeowner and it disgusts me how many times I’ve been solicited in the past 2-3 weeks by opportunists looking to make an easy buck. I’ve gotten several notices in the mail printed on pink paper with my mortgage loan company. Some were misspelled though.

But today, someone actually pissed me off. They knock on the door and ring the door bell not once, not twice, but THREE times. When I choose to ignore the door, the solicitor shoved a folded ad into the house between where the door meets the frame. How is it their business that I just purchased a house? Why would I take an unknown company up on any offer?

I do have a few shots here.

I will not be posting the mailed content since my address is still in the shots.


Exciting News

I am excited to announce the re-launch of a series that was popular in high school. It will be posted on YouTube on Thursdays as a part of Throwback Thursdays.
The series will be called Joke of the Week, but I may add a new tagline to help emphaze that this is a re-launch. It is not entirely new, but the ideas and the techniques will be.
The series was created with a series/creepy theme while ending with a corny/silly joke. I hope to grow the series to include guest stars. They will each be short episodes for now.

You can find the trailer at on March 17, 2016.
The first episode is slated to release March 24, 2016.