Graphics Work

Here, you will find work I’ve done for graphics in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. I have separated these into sections: Work-related, Alamo City Toastmasters, and School/STMU as well as application materials for Arts San Antonio.

Application Entries for Arts San Antonio:

I did not get selected, but I still thought these were well-designed for upcoming opportunities in the 2 days I had to work with. I am posting this to give an idea of my design style based on content provided.

Instagram Post Sample

Instagram Post Sample

Facebook Post Sample

Newspaper Ad Sample

Flyer w/Bleeds

Flyer w/Bleeds


I re-designed the Facility Reservations webpage to make the links and information more obvious for those who are unfamiliar with the website:

Adobe Photoshop (Title Slide for Video Promo)
Screenshot (8).png

Adobe Photoshop (As web banners for Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council):


Aliens in the Scout Field Banner Ad

WOA banner 2017



Microsoft Publisher (Updated application form for Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council) Click for PDF format.
baden powell unit 2018 Application

Microsoft Publisher (Created/Updated brochure to advertise the hunting season at Bear Creek Scout Reservation)

Microsoft Excel (Created/re-designed the fee schedule for online facility reservations for Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council)

Adobe InDesign (Centerfold to the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of the Adventure Guide. You can find the entire Adventure Guide and other print works under the Print tab of this portfolio)Adventure Guide Spring-Summer 2017 Digital Centerfold(1).png
Adobe InDesign (Created an online resource for outside camps and facility information in 2017. This was a solo project)
Camping Guide 2017-30-11 ver0.1

Re-designed theme/layout of the Blazing Gavels one-sheets for sponsorships using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010. (November 2014) Completed at KLRN Public Televisiona62a5041-4799-4c53-9526-9e650455a747-large

Designed popcorn flyer for Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America from Scratch using Adobe InDesign. (June 2013)


Created an end slide for a client’s spot using powerpoint. Followed the theme of the media kid they provided. I did not create the logo, but I used the elements to create this. I did create the squares, lines, and hyperlinks. Completed at KLRN Public Televisionimage

Alamo City Toastmasters proposed group logo (Created in Inkscape 9/11/15):
ACT Logo

Our instructions for the stationery project was to come up with a logo, have it looked at so we could make sure it was effectively put together, and to create a business card, letterhead, and envelope using our own custom credentials. The company name I made for the logo and each project item is one hundred percent fictitious and was nothing more than a symbol of our interests. I plan on editing or changing my logo and company name some time in the near future.

(Information on the Food Magazine, “Taste of StMU” can be found directly above said project)
Letterhead -InDesign CS3


Envelope -InDesignCS3

Business Card (Front & Back) -InDesign CS3


The 20-Page Food Magazine, “A Taste of StMU” was my final project for the graphics class. I worked on it throughout the semester while completing the other practices and assignments on top of that. For this, I found a student chef who prepared a dish, allowed me to interview her, and whom I took pictures of during the preparation of the dish. I then was to write an article that talked a little bit about the chef and how they came to put the dish together. After that, I was to come up with a color scheme, various elements for the magazine’s page layouts, and put all that together into a 20-page magazine. Some elements in the magazine include a selection of other student essays on their student chefs, my full-page and quarter-page advertisements, as well as one other student’s full-page ad and three students’ quarter-page advertisements.
After the project was completed in InDesign, I had to export the pages a certain way so they could print out front-and-back on the color printer in the Mac Lab at St. Mary’s University. I then trimmed the white spaces and bound the magazine into the masterpiece you see before you.
This was a long process, but it was definitely worth all the effort.

20-Page Food Magazine -InDesignCS3/Photoshop CS3

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